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Still Too Soon.

It was April 7, 1995. It's been twenty-seven years, and it's still too many years too soon.

It was in you that I learned how to confuse privacy and secrecy. For so many years and for so many reasons, you were a secret. We were a secret, and I was under the misconception that it was privacy. The world didn't know that I was yours or that you were mine. As a child, there were birthdays I spent wishing on a candle to spend at least just one day with you. As the years grew and the candles blew, I hated Father Time. BUT! Today is a new day.

I am Demetria L. Kendrick-Snorton, daughter of the late Demetris M. Kedrick. 16 is far too young an age. Your life had just begun. In the same year that yours ended, mine began. There are days I question what that means. I pray you're not paying attention to us down here. Not much has changed. The world is evolving, but the systems remain the same. We're still seeing friends turn their backs on each other, leading a bullet to put one of them in the grave.

Only God can move the dark cloud that hovers over this city. I bet you're happy about that. You no longer live under the dark cloud, but rather in his light. How does the Savior shine? Does the Heavenly Hosts sing bright?

How much of you lives in me? Would you be proud? Would you try my vegan food lol? There are so many thoughts that run through my mind. I few pictures and I've never seen a video, so I don't quite have a memory, just a longing in my heart, and an imagination of what I'd hope you'd be.

It took us almost twenty-seven years to finally get a picture together. I thank God that we got here. The innerworkings are private, but a secrecy no more. I'm your work of art, the legacy you left too soon, but as the days pass, I'm coming into bloom.

As far as your life... Gone too soon.

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