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Organizational Leadership in Action

By concentrating in Organizational Leadership, Demetria aims to add to her knowledge and skillset and better assist churches, ministries, organizations, and future initiatives that she will develop. Currently, she serves as the Director of Student and Family Ministries at Petrie Memorial United Methodist, is an assistant basketball coach at University Heights Academy, and is the newly crowned Miss Black Kentucky 2022. In addition, she has launched various initiatives, namely: The STEAMINIST Academy, "Blessed with Beauty" and the “Meach Preach” Podcast. In all, she is a dedicated thinker, leader, and creative; ever in the service of others.

As a Tennessee State Tiger, I live by the motto, “Think. Work. Serve.” As an organizational leader, I must think and innovate ideas to work and serve the people within churches, ministries, organizations, and initiatives in a way that meets them where they are. Therefore, it is imperative to know the needs of the people. When a person is changed from the inside-out, impact is made by catering to their thoughts of doubt, self-hatred, ignorance, and desires for purpose and fulfillment.

After completing her degree, Demetria plans to attend seminary where she can further her life and career as both a theologian and agent of change. Below are some of her passions as well as her ministry at work.

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 A Ministry and Mentoring brand for youth and young adults

Connecting the dots by exposing black heritage in the Holy Scriptures.

Providing Safe Spaces and Practical Principles

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