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The STEAMinist Academy

"Planting STEAM seeds, one child at a time.”
The Steaminist Academy is an outreach program designed for students who show an interest in the STEAM fields. Through brain teasers, activities, and peer interaction, we instill the key foundation necessary to help students become successful in their desired fields. We aim to lessen the gap of minorities in STEAM. Many students, both of color and female don't get the exposure they need to make a knowledgeable decision on which career path to take. We expose children to the ideas, principles, and career paths of the STEAM fields in hopes that some of the students will take an interest and pursue a future in STEAM.

We also partner with organizations to bring our Academy to their children and youth. If you are interested in partnering with us, feel free to email us.

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"They are great at doing STEAM activities with kids... Their activities are well planned out and make learning fun!"

Aasyia Johnson, Parent


Hometown Heroes

This blog/interview series serves as a means to show students that they too can pursue a career in STEAM. Sometimes all it takes is a visual representation. The interviewees were once in the exact place as our current students. We call them #HometownHeroes.


Donate, Volunteer, or Partner

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you. With every contribution, The STEAMINIST Academy is able to build as a program and help more students. Aside from continuing our Brain Teasers and Saturday Sessions, are looking to create a scholarship and host a STEAM Fair in the near future. Any and all donations are appreciated.




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