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Words That’ll Never Reach Heaven

The days get easier to bare,

The pain remains the same.

Without your presence here,

Life could never be the same.

Daily questions ring in my head.

Was this a test from God?

Somehow always reminded that he knows best.

I hope you take a break from the Holy Choir to check in on us. Tell me, how’s the view?

I know they make you proud, I hope I do too.

A lot has changed since that cold day in October.

Our desperation for you could never fade.

No more Applebees on today.

Now it’s a day of remembrance.

Some how the memories of you never fade,

But there are times when I find myself struggling to hear the sound of your voice.

Your number is still saved in my phone, though I stopped calling some time ago.

There’s no need for a birthday in Heaven, but I pray you feel celebrated.

Happy Birthday old man. I love you with all my heart and miss you daily.


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