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Hometown Heroes - Jeremy Mercer

Jeremy Mercer is a 22 year old, 2015 graduate of Christian County High School. Jeremy attended the University of Louisville for 4 years and will begin school in the fall to become a Physical Therapy Assistant. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in health and Human Performance with track in Exercise Science. While at the University of Louisville, Jeremy participated in Intramural Sports, Special Olympics and National Unified Sports, and Sporting Events. As Physical Therapy Technician, Jeremy works within the science department of stem. His day to day responsibilities are to assist his therapists in creating exercise programs for their current patients in advancing their progresses and assuring that they receive the proper treatment while they are at their facility. Jeremy has always had a passion for this field. He believes the world of physical therapy is one that gives you the creative green light in a way no other profession can. He can assist his patients with exercises and programs that he comes up with and watch his patients grow with every visit. Everyday is a different challenge and Jeremy just wants kids and growing teens to know that it’s okay to fail. Those days where you seem defeated are just the bricks to build to final product of your life which is the ultimate end goal, success. He loves to encourage and motivate whenever he can regardless of who and how he does so. Jeremy says, "It’s not going to be easy, it took a lot of long nights and failures. But it makes you a better you and it makes you want to fight even harder. Enjoy the ride, stay dedicated and keep the faith. God, family and that one special person is what helped me the most."

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