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Hometown Heroes- Nile Shemwell

Nile Shemwell otherwise known as "Profound" is a 23 year old 2014 graduate of Christian County High School. After High School, Nile attended Murray State University where he just recently graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting. While at Murray, he was a part of R.A.N.S.O.M - Radical Athlete and Student Oasis Ministry, Accounting Society, and NABA - National Association for Black Accountants. Nile's degree and future career of accounting is derived from Math. Individuals who go into careers like accounting are good with numbers and calculations. Nile was motivated to pursue accounting because he wanted to make money and create a solid foundation for himself and his family. He also wanted to create a solid business foundation and knowledge for his future endeavors. He knew that studying accounting would probably be my best option to achieve some of his goals. He advices those who wish to follow in his foot steps to keep God first in your life and never give up. Nothing worth having comes easy, but if you grow in your faith in God and be consistent you can achieve anything you want to in your life

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