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Hometown Heroes - Cheyenne Mitchell

Cheyenne is a 24 year old, 2013 graduate of Henry Clay High School in Lexington, KY. After graduating, she attended Western Kentucky University where she obtained a Bachelor Degree in Recreation Administration with a Minor in Nonprofit Administration. She is currently working on a Masters Degree in Student Affairs. She also serves as an advisor for several organizations of WKU campus. Cheyenne says that as an Academic Counselor with WKU Upward Bound, STEM plays a role in her career. She spends three days a week visiting various high schools her students attend and work with them in different areas, including science and math. Being that she was once in their shoes, she felt motivated to pursue her career. She was in Upward Bound as a high schooler as well. She encourages students to have a passion for the fields they go into. This is especially essential when dealing with students. If you don't have a passion for students, this particular career may not be right for you.

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