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Loving like Jesus

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Our Christian walk should be a journey, meaning that as we grow in age, we should grow in Christ. Becoming more like him requires us to act more like him. I think loving like Jesus means maturity. It means that sometimes we must understand and forgive even when you still feel those other emotions.

It wasn't that Jesus never felt emotion. It was that even when his friends and loved ones turned their backs on him, lied to his face, etc. ...he loved them anyway. He showed them grace.

Human nature tells us to do the opposite. It tells us to cut people off at the first sign of wrong, but then again, where would we be ourselves if no one gave us a second chance? Where would we be if God gave up on us?

Go with God. Grow in Grace. Live in Love.

- Demetria LaDia (Meach Preach)

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