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The Punishment of Perfection

How many days, weeks, months, years have you spent trying to be perfect? How many projects have you put on hold or prolonged because they had to be "perfect"?

The truth of the matter is, perfection does not exist in or current state of humanity. Nothing and no one will ever be perfect on their own measure. Stop striving for it. Perfection is a false image and only creates space for you to punish yourself for what you aren't or what you think you'll never ne. You have been given the gift of individual identity. There is no one else in the world exactly like you. Therefore it doesn't matter how many speakers, writers, artists, athletes, etc. there are because none of them are you. Hone in on that. Let there world see and hear what you have to say. When we let go of the idea of perfection, we are free to be ourselves and that reflection is evident in our work.

So today, just be you. Flaws and all! You'll get far more done that way.

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