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March Reflections

There’s something about this post that seems nostalgic, like I’m back in Rudolph Hall writing for the Black Excellence Blog. You see, back then I curated a blog and wrote for freedom, for liberation, for creativity, for expression. These days I find myself second guessing what I want to write vs what I think people want to hear. Sometimes it’s not about how big of an audience the post will draw but rather the act of writing and having an outlet. So here I am, fingers to keyboard, this is reflection.

When I think of March, it was a blur, yet a beautiful moment that forced time to stand still all in one. Just as quarter one comes to an end and we begin to really get into spring, so is my soul. You know how a lot of people do Spring Cleaning during this time? I feel like God is doing some spring cleaning with me. He’s like alright, enough is enough. You’ve lived like this for far too long. It’s time to grow like never before. It’s time to dream like never before. I needed this stretch. As uncomfortable as it feels, I am just grateful he’s making me a part of the process. It’s funny though... I’ll be the first to admit, I haven’t held tight to all of my goals for lent, like I had a list. I did not complete them all, yet God is still working in and through me. It’s funny how we think we’re powerful enough to stop God’s plans. He’s going to do what he wants, when he needs to, in his timing... so lose your watch.

Anyways, March Girl... it was fun... and a mess Chile, but I’m grateful. This month I:

Learn and practiced boundaries

Loved on purpose

Lead with Love

Said no to doubt

Created some of the best content yet

Open up and showed the world my music

I did the work... and so much more.

As beautiful as all the benefits were, it was painful to put a lot of it into action. I had to unlearn, reprogram, and filter a lot of things. Now that I’m thinking about it, let me pat myself on the back. Chile, I did that! It’s only getting better.

March was a blessing only in disguise in the moments I chose not to see it. I went this new quarter and this new month because I know all things are working for the good. That alone is reason to smile.

Anyways, y’all be blessed. Love you much.

Go with God.

Grow in Grace.

Live in Love.

Demetria LaDia | Meach Preach

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