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Hometown Heroes- Mitchell O. Fort II

Mitchell O Fort II is a 25-year-old, class of 2012 Hopkinsville High School graduate. He obtained an Associates of Science in Agri-Science Technology from Hopkinsville Community College and then went on to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Murray State University. He was a member of Murray State Fishing Team. His career interest lies in the science and technology fields. He is seeking a soil conservationist position with NRCS. The responsibilities of a person in this field is to develop farm conservation plans, schedule for applying soil conservation practices and use current technology programs in the management of conservation plans and technical assistance. His motivation behind his career aspirations is that federal jobs offer good potential for promotion and good benefits. It also gives him the opportunity to help other people with planning get assistance with handling major issues. Many people are unaware how stem and agriculture can be associated with one another, but there are constantly new technologies that are becoming available to farmers that can help them with finding reasons for erosion and how they can control it. Many times, farmers must be educated about the science of soils and why erosion occurs. They also must be educated on ways to prevent erosion. Mitchell advises those who aspire to pursue stem related careers to work hard in class and take advantage of hands on opportunities to apply the knowledge you are learning.

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