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Hometown Heroes - Demetria Snorton

We are EXCITED to start our blog interview series titled "Hometown Heroes". This is an outlet to show everyone that even from a small town, great leaders in the world of STEM can emerge.

Our first interviewee is our founder, Demetria LaDia Kendrick-Snorton. In the city of Hopkinsville, KY, she is otherwise known as "Metra". She is 23 years old and a 2014 graduate of University Heights Academy. It was at Tennessee State University she discovered her true love from STEM and decided to major in Architectural Engineering. For those who don't know, Architectural Engineering and Architecture are two different fields. "A.E." as it is referred to at Tennessee State is a branch of engineering that has a multi-disciplinary approach. It is the planning, design, construction, and operation of buildings. Architectural engineers have the primary responsibility for the design of: structural, heating, cooling, electrical, lighting, and fire protection systems for all building types, but may also design systems for: acoustical, communications, water and waste water, vibration, and site plan analysis and orientation. She joined several organizations; Women of Infinite Potential, Architectural Engineering Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers, Society of Women Engineers, and the National Society for Leadership and Success.

Aside from her studies, Demetria is an entrepreneur, founder of a STEM outreach program, and foreign exchange trader. Her STEM background can be found in both her entrepreneur endeavors and well as her outreach program. With her business "Beauty by LaDia" which falls under her Engineering Aesthetics brand, she acts much like a cosmetic chemist. Her outreach program not only teaches STEM content to children in various forms, but opens their minds to the possibility that they too can obtain a career in STEM.

Although she comes from a line of teachers, the classroom was never Demetria's dream. She originally wanted to be an architect, before finding this disciple of engineering. She has always been drawn to buildings, bridges, their structure and frame work. Although she broke family tradition, she believes that she embodies some of her mother and grandmother's teaching spirit when pour into students during her STEM sessions.

She leaves this advise to those who aspire to be where she is, "Go after your dreams wholeheartedly. Let nothing and no one stop you. It's important to have goals, but never forget about the plan. Execution comes only after preparation."

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