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Happy Birthday Gran!

August 23, 1955. That's when God brought my bestfriend into this world. He knew I'd be a little reserved and needed an adult that I could feel safe with. I've been by your side for as long as I can remember. Thank you for letting me be your shadow.

Your birthday will always be one of my favorite holidays. I will always seize the opportunity to celebrate YOU! Each year, I'm more grateful to have you here. The world needs more of you; more faith, more praying, more joy, more love, more giving, more laughing, more style, more grace, more teaching, and MORE HATS lol!

Posted up, enjoying the Parade that was led by her personal marching band. Don't worry, her "Sparkling Rose" is 100% juice.

This year's birthday brought it's own challenges with you testing positive for Covid. This was just another test. My girl, you passed with style and grace! I hope you enjoyed your "Happy Birthday" yard sign, every call, card, gift, and of course your drive-by parade. You deserve all this and more. God willing, you will have many more.

Hey readers, if you or anyone you know is interested in renting a Yard Sign for a special event, visit WildCards.

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