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A Few Finds

Colorado, thank you for the sights and adventure. It took me 25 years to finally make it to the western side of the word. For the first time, I went back on the clock rather than forward. I have you to thank for that. This traveling weekend warrior will see you again.

Granby, Denver... it was all an adventure. Colorado brought me joy. It brought alive a light within myself that was beginning to die down. With elevations of 7 and 8,000s of feet, how can you really feel down? Life has been rough, but not as rough as the Colorado mountains. Denver has an interesting culture, based on observation, the demographics are predominantly White, then Asian America, maybe Hispanic next, then Black. Even with these demographics, you never really felt out of place. It's like you knew you were the needle in the haystack but everyone made you feel fine. It's the complete opposite of living and growing up in the south. I don't think I realized that until now. The art districts and shopping areas are nice and provide both culture and aesthetics. We actually witnessed a group of people doing a live graffiti piece. I'm assuming it was commissioned because no cops were involved and it seemed very much a part of the norm. Colorado made me smile and laugh. It brought me joy, just like a few of finds it provided.

Here are a few things I found while in Colorado:

Mountain Views

Denver in the spring is actually quite nice and for the most part is like any other major city. Granby on the other hand, is not for the weak. When our flights landed in Denver it was evening. We got our rental, my friend and I went to sleep in the back seat and woke up to fog and snow (not to mention being waken by the occasion sound of terror from our driver and codriver lol). Being that it was night, all we could see was fog and snow, but the next morning, we were in for a beautiful surprise. Driving through the mountains for two hours on our way back to Denver, you couldn't help but to look at God's creation in awe. It looked like something out of a movie, or nature magazine and here we were, experiencing it. Occasionally on the drive, you'd see people who had pulled over on the side of the road to catch a few slopes. Like wow, they really live this life lol!


No beloved. I am not talking about one of the most popular fast food snacks in today's society. At Granby Garage Kitchen + Bar, you'll be greeted by friendly hosts and after they have brought the table a round of waters, you will be handed a bowl of perfection. These "Doritos" are literally just flour fritters deep fried with tajin and lime sprinkled on top. Not sure who came up with this bit of gold, but they definitely hit the mark! They're like a bowl of light, fluffy clouds, with a crunch and twang to them. Not sure if that description does it justice, but I'd 10/10 recommend these things. If you know the recipe, email me!


It is no secret that I love target. My people know that I'm going to find a target no matter the city. In fact, I have no problem admitting that I judge cities by their targets. Therefore, it's safe to say, if you don't have a target in your city/town, ehh… not a fan lol.

Hear me when I say this, Glendale, CO has the most beautiful target I have ever encountered in my life and they don't even have an escalator. They literally had everything from a full grocery/bakery, frozen and dry foods, fresh plants for sale, wine and spirit, and an entire apparel section that I purposely did not encounter because I went to Colorado on a budget and would have spent my budget and then some. My life has forever been changed from this target lol. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. Does this mean I have a target addiction? If so, I will happily decline any recovery programs lol. Glendale, you are a YES! Target, you will forever have my YES! I pray my future husband is prepared. *Inserts evil grin*

Traveling will always be essential. I don't think I could ever see my life being lived without experiencing new things and new cultures. I look forward to visiting Colorado again, having new adventures, and finding new things.

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