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Born and raised in the Bluegrass State, Demetria is a minister, entrepreneur, advocate, creator, singer, writer, and titleholder. With the help of God, she is becoming daily. At home, she is a loving daughter, granddaughter, and devoted friend.  Since becoming a Christian, she has served in ministry in various capacities. She uses her gifts and talents to uplift the kingdom of God and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ whether it is through song, dance, conversation, or even sports.

Demetria wants to empower others, especially those who feel like misfits. She wants people to know that they are perfect and do not have to conform to society’s standards to live a successful life. Every individual possesses something that the world needs. She strives to help others not only believe it but live it. Through love and listening to understand, Demetria believes hearts and minds can be changed.

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